Camera systems, with which a salesperson can scan goods, or systems that automatically scan the goods to be paid for by the consumer, are examples of supermarket check-out solutions.

While the commodities are carried along a conveyor and even weighed if necessary, cameras verify the labels or bar codes on the container or detect which articles are involved – such as fruit or vegetables. Cameras are crucial components of these check-out systems since they are utilized to recognize bar codes or labels on the merchandise. The characteristics of the commodities on the conveyor are captured using special line cameras.

Comprehensively equipped systems recognize and weigh the commodities, and the inventory control system is constantly updated.

Cameras are commonly used in the following areas:

  • Barcodes on products are recorded and detected (2D Barcode Scanner)
  • Product attributes of commodities on the conveyor belt are recognized (fully self check-out)
  • Recognizing product characteristics, such as color and kind, to determine pricing based on weight (scaling)
  • Inspection of the basket’s bottom: Checking to see whether any items are still in the shopping cart’s lower area