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Virtech Labs distributes hardware that meets the special needs of Machine Vision. We undertake the design and implementation of individual systems and provide comprehensive consulting in the field of machine vision.
In our webshop there are more than 300 different cameras, which with their special functions and wide range of parameters are the solution for most special needs. We provide full support to our customers in finding and integrating the model that best suits their needs.


Distribution of hardware for special needs in the field of Machine Vision.

The Basler factory in Germany offers almost three hundred models with the most common interfaces (GigE, IEEE 1394, Camera Link, USB 3.0).
The highest available resolution is 5 MP (area scan) and 12k (line scan), the highest framerate is 500 fps (16,000 fps with reduced sensor sensitive area).
Whether you need a high-end camera or are looking for an economical solution, it’s worth looking into Basler’s models first.

  • The factory also undertakes the development of custom solutions for individual needs.
  • The reliability of the products is outstanding, so all Basler MV cameras have a unique 3-year factory warranty.
  • Thanks to these benefits, Basler has been a market leader in the MV camera segment with Gigabit Ethernet interface for several years.

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Our company has been supporting projects based on camera and video technology for more than ten years, distributing the necessary specialized hardware devices, consulting and related development services.

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