For a price, self-service vending machines provide commodities chosen by the buyer. There is a row of these vending machines where a wide range of commodities, such as drinks and groceries, as well as technological equipment and drugstore items, can be supplied. Cameras can monitor the payment process or make recommendations to customers after recognizing them for more expensive items. Self-service vending machines also sell public transportation tickets and parking garage fees. If you have any questions, you can immediately connect with an expert by video call on numerous devices. Customers can get different things from vending machines regardless of business opening hours, which increases customer satisfaction.

Kiosk systems are interactive computer systems that are set up in public places such as streets, airports, and shopping malls. They have a permanent place and deliver information to the user. Transportation schedules or company information can be requested at the kiosks. Digital posters are used in digital signage systems. Cameras are used to count individuals and tailor contents.

Cameras are commonly used in the following areas:

  • User/viewer monitoring (portrait camera)
  • Controlling the distribution of products
  • Assisting the user