Our company has been supporting projects based on camera and video technology for more than ten years, distributing the necessary specialized hardware devices, consulting and related development services.


Feasibility study

We undertake to carry out a feasibility study after or in conjunction with the preliminary study. The purpose of which is to compile detailed documentation, already supported by calculations and / or measurements, which includes the range of software and hardware proposed for implementation, as well as the related cost estimates. Everyone’s problem is unique, so the content of the study may vary from time to time, but may include the following elements, for example:

    • Relative resolution required
    • Resolution available with some devices
    • Optics (lens) calculations
    • Lighting demand calculations
    • Expected strengths / weaknesses per option

    • Computing power
    • Network bandwidth requirement
    • Storage requirements
    • Availability, cost and other features

  • Format vs. requirements overview
  • Storage and bandwidth calculations
  • Hardware and software support testing

  • Overview of a reference project (an example provided by a customer that we would like to see)
  • SoA Overview
  • Search and review available implementations
  • Development and data needs assessment

  • Competency needs assessment
  • Development resource estimate (in order of magnitude)
  • Asset cost estimates
  • Search for suppliers (on request)

  • Practical validation of optical assembly with loan devices (or replacement products)
  • Create sample images or sample videos
  • Algorithmic testing and evaluation (if a similar external procedure or software tool is available in ready form)

Compilation of feasibility studies is typically a 1-2 week task determined by the exact content

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As a regional reseller of Basler AG, you can choose from hundreds of types of machine vision cameras in our web store, which with their special functions and wide-ranging parameters are the solution for most image processing tasks. We provide full customer support during your purchase to help you find the model that best suits your needs, and we’re happy to help you integrate your devices. In case of more complex problems, with the help of our partners, we undertake the design and implementation of individual systems, as well as comprehensive advice on issues related to the field of machine vision.


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