Sensor size(max) 2/3″
Product line APT & VS-TC Series
Accessory developer VS Technology


Standard Telecentric Lenses
Variety of Magnifications: 0.5-10x : 1.5x / 3.0x / 5.0x
Product Specs
Telecentric Lens
Telecentric lens has parallel chief ray with its optical axis and is ideal for co-axial lighting. Telecentric lenses eliminate perspective errors in your image and do not change magnification when the WD changed. This allows accurate measurement of 3D objects or even objects that move up and down.

Telecentric Lens LINE UP
Lately there have been great changes in the image sensor market and of which one has been for a ever larger sensor size and smaller pixel size. Consequently, a sensor of the same size but with a greater pixel number could yield a picture with a much higher resolution.

The advantage of a reduced pixel size could dramatically increase the number of pixels that could fit into a sensor of the same size. However, a reduced pixel size translates into a reduced surface area for light signals. In this case, the ability of a lens to collect as completely as possible the light signals from the sources and therefore give a higher resolution is readily pursued.

On the other hand, when the pixel size remains the same but the total sensor size is increased to include a much greater pixel number for high resolution purposes, a larger sensor size is needed for a larger image circle.

It is a daunting task to reconcile between pixel size and sensor size with respect to lens light throughput optimization, and is often easily said than done. Nevertheless, VST has successfully elevated the industry benchmark by adding many new models to the lineup for high mega-pixel telecentric lenses in a relatively short period of time.

Mag 3.0x
Wd(mm) 65.3
Working f # 22.0
Na 0.068
Co axial lighting
Series sensor size 1/4″,1/3″,1/2″,1/1.8″,2/3″

For more information about the features, visit the VST Product Documentation.