LM25SC discontinued, build to order

Replaced by LM25FC24M MOQ for new production 100 pcs. 1″ C-mount lens

Focal length (mm) 25
Sensor size 1″
Mount C-mount
Series SC


Product Information LM25SC discontinued, build to orderReplaced by LM25FC24M
Small stock quantities still available
MOQ for new production 100 pcs.
1″ C-mount lens
16mm image circle
Metal body
Metal mount
6 megapixel high resolution
Adjustment screw for aperture and focus

Pixel size (µm) 3
Iris control Manual
Iris range (f stop) 1,8 – 16
Lens type Fixed Focal Lens
Wavelength range Broad Band Coating (380nm – 1000nm), VIS (380nm – 780nm)
Focusing range (m) 0,15 – ∞
Focus control Manual
Shooting range at mod horizontal (mm) 86
Shooting range at mod vertical (mm) 64
Resolution center 160
Resolution corner 120
Distortion (tv) (%) -0,0034
Back focus in air (mm) 24,3
Filter size (mm) M34 x 0,5
Size (mm) 88,9 x 43
Weight (g) 241
Temperature range (℃) -10 °C – +50 °C
Application Machine Vision, ITS/Traffic Control

For more information about the features, visit the Kowa Product Documentation.