Focal length (mm) 25
Sensor size(max) 1″
Product line VS-H1-SWIR Series
Accessory developer VS Technology
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1″ Support, SWIR
Fixed Focal Length Lenses
f6mm – f50mm, 7 models
High transmittance of 900nm to 2000nm
Product Specs
Visible Lens+Visible Lighting
SWIR Lens+SWIR Lighting

Fno 1.4~16
Wd (mm) 300~∞
Angle of view(vxh) 25.1×25.1
Camera mount C-Mount
Series sensor size 1/4″,1/3″,1/2″,1/1.8″,2/3″,1″

For more information about the features, visit the VST Product Documentation.